I wouild like to submit this statement to address the article published in the Rockdale Citizen on Wednesday, Aug. 29. In my comments, during the Aug. 21 New Bond Referendum Committee meeting, I stated, and you quoted me in your article, that I made the statement that I spoke with the chairman personally, with the other two commissioners being present in the meeting on speaker phone, and that I was given a solid commitment that they would rally behind any recommendation presented to them by the New Bond Referendum Committee. This statement was true in the fact that the chairman spoke with me in person; however, I did not have the other two commissioners on speaker phone as the chairman and I spoke.

I feel that in the high emotional level of the meeteing I, in error, misspoke of these facts. The chairman assured me that he would have proper communication with both Post 1 and Post 2 commissioners, individually, in hopes of garnering their support of our recommendation.

I would like to apologize if my error has caused any misunderstanding from our committee or with the citizens of Rockdale County.

Thomas C. Dean III


The New bond Referendum Committee

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