I attended the Rockdale County Courthouse Committee meeting on Tuesday Dec. 11 and was ashamed of the attitude most of the members took toward the general public and how the committee wants to restrict the public’s right to speak at the upcoming town hall meetings. It has become very apparent that this committee does not represent the best interests of the citizens of Rockdale County. They don’t even look like our community.

Before I make the next statement, let me say that I am a 54-year-old white male. I feel the committee it is made up of too many affluent white people with self-interest. This committee does nothing but argue from the opening of the meeting to the close of the meeting, and this committee has been against public input or comment since the first meeting. They also voted against giving the public an opportunity to give comments at the end of the meetings.

There are good people on this committee, but unfortunately many of the committee members are not representing the community that they are supposed to be representing. Instead, they are representing themselves and whatever hidden agenda that drives them.

I encourage the citizens of Rockdale County to get involved and attend the remaining Courthouse Committee meetings and observe this spectacle for yourself. I also encourage the citizens to attend the town hall meetings and let your voice be heard, despite the efforts of those who wish to suppress your voice.

Larry Cox


Stay Informed