On Thursday night, Feb. 21, at 6:30 p.m., Homeowners For Better Government will hold a meeting for the citizens of Rockdale to learn the right way to spend our tax dollars on a new improved judicial complex. The meeting will be held at the Masonic Lodge 1005 Milstead Ave. The speakers are Ben Carter, who has actually built 37 courthouses in Georgia, unlike the bond salesmen who were put on the courthouse committee by the Board of Commissioners. The second speaker is our own local resident Doug Kitchens, who is the chief jailer for Newton County.

By attending this meeting you will clearly see how our county should move forward in the correct order to ensure we get the most out of our tax dollars and the best outcome for our Judicial Complex for decades to follow. You will learn were the politicians will try to slide in a few extra million here and there to allow for extravagant spending on our dime. You will leave this meeting fully informed and ready to vote up or down on any proposal put forth by the BOC. It’s time they hear you loud and clear.

The chairman of the BOC has been invited to attend, so let us all hope he can spare an extra hour of his schedule to properly see, as you will, how not to let the “bond salesmen” make the decisions on what we need and will pay for today.

Don Meyer

Homeowners For Better Government

Stay Informed