What happened in New Zealand and then in Nigeria? “Muslims and terrorists.”

I was raised as a Muslim in a country where 96 percent of the population was Muslim. I witnessed the same kind of killing and terror between two or more groups of Muslims. This shows me that they were not killing each other because they had different religious beliefs but fighting because one group wants either more power or more control.

We all know that Iran and Iraq are both Muslim countries and they fought for several years. We all know that the war was for control. It had nothing to do with religious believe only the name of religion was used to achieve the goals.

As I mentioned earlier that I am an Ahmadi Muslim and according to my beliefs, Quran and the life of Mohammad (Peace be upon him) are the guideline for Muslims. In Quran it say’s “nor will ye worship that which I worship. Nor will I worship those whom you have worshipped. To you be your way and to me mine.” At another place it says,” There is no compulsion in religion.” I can quote many more. When we look at the life of Mohammad, he sent his people to the Christian King for protection, and once a Christian group came to see him and he told them to use the Mosque to worship their way.

We all believe Adam was created by God. Ibrahim (peace be upon him) is the father of all prophets after him. Israelites always referred to God as the God of Ibrahim. All Muslims know, one can’t be a Muslim if he doesn’t believe in the Bible as the word of God. There is no way that these extremists can link their name to any religion when they are not following the commandments.

According to my belief, there is no religion in the world that teaches humans to use the name of religion to exploit uneducated, rather ignorant people. Anyone who is familiar with the history of world will agree that all the wars fought in the name of religion were actually for political or territorial gain.

I beg you all, when it comes to faith follow your religion, not your leader. The only path that leads to world peace is love for others in God’s creation. This has to be above and beyond religion, race, color and creed. Join me in the campaign for world peace by creating peace and harmony in our hometown.

Together we can make the difference. Stay united and respect each other.

Muddessar Ahmad


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