I have never seen so much lipstick on a pig as this Rockdale County Board of Commissioners is trying to put on this $140 million courthouse/government complex since I was at a county fair in Alabama.

Not only will it end up costing you up to $380 million at the 8 percent interest rate they are asking you to approve over 30 years, they are going to tear down thousands of square feet of current office space where we paid nearly $7 million for improvements that aren’t even paid for yet. This is being done while commissioners are not even considering any less expensive options on land we own at Parker Road that could save $130 million — by their own examples. Olde Town would be left full, with the same buildings and courthouse full of people, while we could have a new courthouse just over the interstate, saving county taxpayers millions.

The Chamber of Commerce has not come out in favor of the tax hike, which is a first for them not to endorse something from the county. I thank Judges David Irwin and Robert Mumford for not showing up on the courthouse steps for the endorsement photo. I also thank Mr. Don Myers and the homeowner associations that meet at the Honey Creek Sheriff’s Office precinct with 50-60 people. A vote was cast at that meeting, and all voted against the tax hike. I also thank Sheriff Eric Levitt for speaking up and not endorsing the $140 million bond at this meeting.

On May 22, vote no! Commissioner Williams, no!

Garvin Haynes


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