The growth of any community is based mainly on two factors: vision and use of resources.

As government is not a business, and for generations elected officials were not business people, better use of the resources was either ignored or they simply didn’t know the importance of it. This routine has made that type of a decision a “norm.” Now, when someone talks against it, those in positions of power consider the person rebellious and/or “negative.”

I am not judging any individuals because of their past. But now with the technology and growth of human skills, everything is moving towards perfection. Needs are growing and resources are reducing; therefore, the importance of better use of resources is becoming even more necessary. Even in sports, placement and movement of players is becoming a scientific formula.

I said all this to say: We need a better courthouse, but our resources do not allow us to spend $140 million (which will become over $340 million in 30 years). There is a large group of people willing to help draw up a plan — a better use of resources.

In short, join me to say no to a $140 million courthouse.

Muddessar Ahmad


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