On Tuesday, March 20, the Rockdale County Board of Commissioners held a public forum regarding the $140 million bond measure. At that meeting, representatives of the county gave some misleading information to the public that directly contradicts the resolution the BOC unanimously passed. That night the county gave out numbers based on a 25-year loan at 5 percent interest. Have they read their own resolution? It clearly states 30 years at a rate not to exceed 8 percent.

As taxpayers, we have to look at the “worst case scenario” simply because the county cannot rule out that “worst case.” If the resolution states that the county is willing for the taxpayers to pay 8 percent interest, their PR numbers should reflect the “actual” terms of the resolution they’re asking us to vote on. Anything other than that is speculative and misleading to the taxpayer.

Pass a new resolution with a not-to-exceed interest rate of 5 percent for 25 years if they’re quoting numbers based on that projection.

Alex MacDonald


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