In response to Alex McDonald’s letter to the editor appearing in the Saturday/Sunday May 5/6 edition, I would like to respectfully state the following facts:

1. There are no SPLOST funds involved in the Rockdale County bond referendum.

2. Mr. Fred Straub is not responsible for spending tax dollars. He is responsible, along with 30-plus other individuals, for making recommendations to the Board of Commissioners for the expenditure of SPLOST dollars. Only the board can authorize the spending of those dollars.

I have known and worked with Mr. Straub for well over 20 years. In my judgment, he has never supported any project that was not in the best interest of the citizens and well being of this county.

In the spirit of Alex McDonald’s request for what he calls “full disclosure,” I am a member of the SPLOST Oversight Committee and also serve as the chairperson for the transportation subcommittee. Like Mr. Straub, I have had the privilege of being asked by previous Board of Commission chairmen, and the current chairman, to volunteer to serve on the SPLOST oversight committee. We have both accepted these requests in the hope that our contributions would help to make Rockdale County a great place to live and work.

Mike Houchard