I’ve just gotten home from the Bond Referendum Committee meeting on Feb. 12. Let me just say this: I’m tired of all the whining and back-and-forth backbiting. I’ve seen 2-year-olds act better. I’m also very tired of hearing that not enough people attended the two town hall meetings. Well, if you want more input, put out fliers, which I offered to do and was told by one of the co-chairmen that he would get in touch so that I could place them in my neighborhood. Guess what — it never happened.

This whole thing just plain out smells. The people who went and voted have spoken. It is time for this committee to man/woman up. Tell the county commissioner how we voted and be done with it. The people have chosen Option No. 1. It cost less and fits the county courthouse needs.

It’s time for our commission chairman and the Post 1 and Post 2 commissioners listen to the public, because the simple point of the matter is we are fed up with their lack of hearing our voice.

Just remember — elections are coming up, faster than they may think, and they serve at our pleasure, not the other way around.

Thank you to those members who are trying, very hard, to do what they were charged with by the Board of Commissioners, which was and is to find a way to solve our courthouse needs for today and for the future.

S. Kurt Jocoy


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