Citizens must vote to protect their future. The “Citizens for Progress” just sent out a mailer asking for voters to vote for “progress.” If you consider progress going over the cliff, join in.

This mailer is the sleaziest snake-oil-salesman advertising I have ever seen. If the county and its cronies are so proud of this, why did they not even mention the cost of $140 million to the taxpayers? Why not mention that we would have a courthouse complex 96,000 square feet larger than the new Georgia State Supreme Courthouse that has 24 courtrooms while we only have five elected judges? Maybe it is just the shame of the amount of taxes that homeowners and renters will have to pay. The average rent will increase $50 a month, and the average homeowner will pay almost $700 extra a year.

I was chairman of the Democratic Party in Rockdale for over 10 years; this is the largest, most harmful and tax-crushing thing that has ever come out of Rockdale County government in the history of our county.

I say this because this is a nonpartisan issue. This tax, that is for a foolish, poorly-planned purpose, will affect everyone of every party. I urge you not to be fooled by this sham of a mailer or the misinformation the county attempts to tell as facts. Protect yourself and your future by voting “no” on the $140 million bond. Commissioners, be honest.

Garvin Haynes