As a resident of Rockdale County and owner of buildings in Olde Town Conyers, I am also a supporter of Chairman Oz Nesbit. I will be voting “no” on the courthouse complex. It simply is not thought out well.

We will be tearing down renovated buildings, buying banks, building parking decks that the city of Conyers is planning to build. The driving reason is safety for the criminal courts. We own 45 acres at Parker Road that we lease out rent free. Why not put it to better use? Leave Magistrate Court and Probate Court in Olde Town with the county offices. Build only a criminal courthouse that would be much smaller and save $69 million to $70 million.

At Parker Road we don’t need to build expensive parking decks; we have the land. When the courthouse is not in use, with the acres of green space, we could have concerts, etc. When purchased it was said that the Parker Road facility was within 5 miles of 85 percent of the population. The chairman has been misinformed regarding using these old plans.

As a landlord I know that (approving a bond referendum) will affect the poorest of our county residents because rents will rise, and homeowners will pay hundreds more per year. Voters should do as we did in the 2003 SPLOST vote. Fund the basics and vote “no” again. We can get the courthouse we need only if we vote “no” to the one that we don’t. There is no need to pay for the unneeded.

Garvin Haynes


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