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• Popeye’s, 3248 U.S. Highway 278, Covington; March 16; Routine; 89/B

Observations & Corrective Actions

2-2A: .03(4)(a)(b)(c)(e)(f)PIC could not provide documentation that all employees have been educated on employee health. Food employees and conditional employees shall be informed in a verifiable manner of their responsibility to report to the person in charge information about their health and activities as they relate to diseases that are transmissible through food.
Corrective Actions: PIC printed new employee health policy forms for employees to sign.

2-2D: .07(3)(b)No hand drying provision at the 3 hand sinks in the facility. Each handwashing sink shall be provided with individual, disposable towels, a continuous towel system that supplies the user with a clean towel, or a hand drying device.
Corrective Actions: Employee added hand drying provision.

2-2D: .07(3)(c)Observed a blue cleaning cloth stored in the hand washing sink. A handwashing facility may not be used for purposes other than handwashing.
Corrective Actions: Blue cloth was removed.

11C: .04(6)(c)Observed frozen raw chicken thawing in the 3 compartment sink in still water with no continuous flow. The drain was stopped up. Time/temperature control for safety shall be thawed: 1) under refrigeration that keeps the food at 41°F or below; 2) completely submerged in running water with the temperature of the water at 70°F or below, and the no part of the food exceeding 41°F; 3) as a part of the cooking process.
Corrective Actions: Employee opened drain, and turned the water to run.

13A: .02(1)(f)(1)Facility has "2019" permit posted. The permit holder shall post the permit as in a location in the food service establishment that is conspicuous to consumers.

17C: .07(5)(a),(b)Observed excessive food accumulations in the facility at the time of inspection. There was excessive amounts of flour on the floor. In the walk-in cooler there is accumulation of still water with pickles floating in the water. In the reach in prep cooler there is sauce spilled, and old pickles. The walk in freezer has ice accumulation on the pipes and on the floor. All physical facilities shall be maintained in good repair and shall be cleaned as often as necessary to keep them clean and by methods that prevent contamination of food products.

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