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Last Sunday I told our congregation to ignore the clock in the back of the sanctuary. No, it wasn’t because I was planning on preaching a long sermon or because I felt the need to encourage some antsy people to quit focusing on how much time was left before they could head out to lunch. My suggestion had resulted from the fact that the clock was malfunctioning and was showing the wrong time.

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Recently we took one of our grandsons with us to a church conference in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. During some free time for enjoying the local attractions, we, along with the teenage kids of another pastor, tackled one of those escape room adventures.

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One of the most mind-bending aspects of Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity is time dilation. Time moves more slowly for a person in motion compared to a person at rest. This effect also applies in gravitational fields. Someone closer to a gravitationally-dense body like a black hole would be subject to a slowdown in time compared to others farther away. Mind you, life wouldn't proceed in 'slow motion' for these people. Everything would seem normal within their own frames of reference. The relative differences would only be noticed when everybody meets up.