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So often we Americans celebrate the Fourth of July with hot dogs, hamburgers, pizzas, homemade ice cream and family get-togethers. We hear speeches or read articles with some mention of liberty, justice and the American way. We watch or participate in such things as road races or other special contests.

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To alleviate inevitable Fourth of July traffic congestion, the Georgia Department of Transportation is temporarily suspending construction-related lane closures on interstate highways, and limiting lane closures on state routes that directly serve major tourist and recreation centers.

I always like writing about the Fourth of July, about Independence, about our Founding Fathers, about the history of our country. I spent more than four decades of my life studying and teaching about the events that led to the creation of the greatest nation in history. When people ask me if I regret having retired, the one regret I have is that I no longer have the opportunity to share, on a daily basis, the knowledge I have obtained about our nation’s history — at a time when so many people so desperately need a primer on our nation’s basic premise and ideals.

Main Street Covington is inviting area residents to “stay the day and light the night” as they celebrate the Fourth of July in Downtown Covington.

The largest fireworks display in the area will brighten the night skies on July 4th in Covington, thanks to the fund-raising efforts of a local man who makes the holiday fireworks his annual mission.