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There was a poster that was very popular around the time I was a teenager. Although there were different variations that developed, it generally showed a cute kitten dangling in the air while its front paws were clinging to a rope or a tree branch. The accompanying caption read, “Hang in there, baby!” 

When I recently received by first dose of the COVID vaccine, I was also given a card testifying to that fact. I was told that I might want to keep it with me or even take a picture of it to have with me on my phone at all times because it’s possible I might be required to show it for entrance into certain places or to participate in particular activities.

Recently my wife was using our microwave oven when she noticed a little piece of plastic sticking up around the keypad. It turns out that it was one of those clear coverings used to protect a new appliance. When we first purchased and set up our microwave, we had evidently overlooked that protective piece of plastic and had failed to remove it.

When it comes to living for the Lord, we shouldn’t just be sticking our toes in the water to test it out or settle for cautiously wading in the shallow end – we ought to be diving in.

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I received a copy of the late Alex Trebek’s autobiography for Christmas. At one point in that volume, he was suggesting reasons for the popularity of the game show he had hosted for so many years, "Jeopardy." He believed part of it may be due to the fact that Americans tend to be so competitive