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Any form of separation or leaving a loved one is difficult. Today when our loved ones are leaving us, whether it’s losing them to death, or them moving to another state or out of the country, we try to hold on to every memory.

Christ is love; Christ is forgiving; Christ is patience; Christ is kind; Christ is empathy; Christ is unity; Christ is peace; Christ is joy; Christ is happiness; Christ is compassion; Christ is inclusive; Christ is justice. Jesus in his time on earth exhibited all of these characteristics.

Matthew chapter 6 teaches us about a whole lot of things. It teaches about giving to the needy; praying and fasting; and it also teaches about money and possessions, all of which are important to our wellbeing. However, today, I would like to focus on fasting and praying.

As we continue to live our lives and adjust to this new normal, I sense a feeling of fatigue in so many: there is the COVID-19 fatigue; injustice fatigue; a fatigue of crying and mourning – mourning the loss of loved ones, the loss of homes, jobs, or the loss of what was once called normalcy.