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Recently several of us in our congregation met out in the church yard to cut down and remove a half-dead tree that had become something of an eye-sore in the landscape. In spite of chainsaws malfunctioning at times, we finally managed to accomplish our goal. However, a day or two later I noticed an itchy rash on my arm.


Georgia 4-H was one of only 20 historic preservation projects honored by The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation during its 44th annual Preservation Awards ceremony in Macon. Georgia 4-H was specifically honored for Excellence in Restoration, recognizing exemplary restoration of the Rock Eagle 4-H Center Chapel.

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Good Friday, nearly two millenniums ago, was not a good one for the name Judas. The disciple named Judas had aligned himself with the officials who sought to destroy Jesus. He had agreed to lead them to the Lord for 30 pieces of silver. After the crucifixion he returned the money and “went out and hanged himself” (Matthew 27:5).