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Good Friday, nearly two millenniums ago, was not a good one for the name Judas. The disciple named Judas had aligned himself with the officials who sought to destroy Jesus. He had agreed to lead them to the Lord for 30 pieces of silver. After the crucifixion he returned the money and “went out and hanged himself” (Matthew 27:5).

Like many of you, I have worked from home for the past three months, and it has given me a chance to familiarize myself with my new surroundings. It turns out that this place I’ve slept and watched ballgames on weekends for thirty years needed a few repairs. My wife says she has informed me about these problems in the past, but I was apparently distracted by the Braves and SEC football.

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Rockdale County has amended its plan to protect the public and workers at the Rockdale Recycling Center and will now allow trash drop-offs at the Sigman Road center on a limited basis.

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Spruce up your living spaces – literally. Holly, Christmas cactus, poinsettias and spruce add color and vibrancy to mantels, staircases, coffe…