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I wasn't going to write a second column on the passing of Rush Limbaugh, but given the reaction from hostile and snarky individuals -- even from a few self-styled conservatives -- explaining his influence is key to understanding him and more importantly the movement for which he was such a powerful spokesman.

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One doesn't have to be a cynic to be cynical about the Justice Department's decision not to hold former FBI Director James Comey accountable for what an Inspector General report called his violation of FBI policies and his setting a "dangerous example" in order to "achieve a personally desired outcome."

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There are people in every generation who believe the generation following theirs is either going to the dogs or will ruin the country.

Last week a couple of us in our church spent part of a day clearing out the weeds from around the shrubbery which surrounds our building. We hadn’t given those areas much attention so far this spring, therefore they were beginning to be overrun by some unwanted intruders.