COVINGTON — The Solid Waste Management Authority is considering offering price incentives to large waste haulers as a way to help maintain a steady revenue stream.

Authority members discussed a resolution last week that would allow large waste haulers to contract their tipping fee prices for a period of years in exchange for the haulers’ agreement to use the Newton County landfill exclusively for disposal of in-county waste.

According to the draft resolution discussed by the authority at Thursday’s meeting, ensuring a steady customer base and consistent income from solid waste disposal fees is critical to the authority’s financial health. In addition, the ability to offer incentives to large haulers would give the authority a competitive edge when competing for solid waste disposal business.

Attorney Sam Van Volkenburgh said that he and Solid Waste Manager Kevin Walter had met with two local haulers who had expressed interest in the ability to contract tipping fees for a number of years.

Authority members were generally in favor of the resolution, but asked that Van Volkenburgh come back with a draft contract that would specify the number of years to be contracted and would include standard pricing for all large waste haulers before taking a vote on the issue.


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