Subway, 1138 West Ave., Conyers

Subway, 1138 West Ave., Conyers; Routine; Aug. 6; 93 A

Observations & Corrective Actions

2-2B: .03(5)(j)1&2 Observed an employee drink in a coke bottle. The PIC transferred the employee's drink to an approved container. Employees shall drink from a single use cup with a lid and straw. 
2-2D: .07(3)(b) The hand sink near the 3 compartment sink did not have a drying provision. The PIC had an employee supply the hand sink with paper towels. Hand washing sinks shall have a drying provision at all times. 
2-2E: .03(6) Bleach for clean up procedures was not adequate; current bottle did not have listed ingredients. The PIC had an employee go buy approved bleach during the inspection. The PIC shall ensure sanitizer used for clean up procedures is adequate. 
14B: .05(10)(a) Observed clean pans stacked wet. The PIC stacked pans to allow air drying. Clean equipment shall be completely air dried before stacking. 
15B: .05(3)(h),(i) An approved testing strip/device for quat sanitizer are not available during the inspection. The PIC was provided with some quat test strips. An approved testing strip/device shall be available at all times. 
15C: .05(7)(a)2,3 Observed old food debris build up around hinges of the prep top cooler glass lids. Observed old food debris build-up behind coke nozzles in the dining room. The PIC had an employee clean nonfood contact surfaces during the inspection. Nonfood contact surfaces shall be cleaned at a frequency to preclude build-up.